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StalkHawk is an application for the new digital generation. Do you love to keep an eye on your friends? Or your friends’ social past before you know them; or you are just a curious stalker. Than we have a thingamajig for your curiosity. StalkHawk makes stalking fun and allows you to explore things that weren’t so easy before. Move back in time and explore the endless possibilities for social stalking.

  • Interests: Find out how their interests have changed with time
  • Interactions: See with whom your friends are involved
  • Hangouts: See where your friends have been and had been
  • Time Stalk: Get yourself escape to the past
  • Express Stories: Explore details that you have never imagined before

Smart NAV

Smart Nav is an augmented reality application, which provides you navigation in augmented view with real time. This applications allows you to navigate routes and save frequently used locations. The simple interface and augmented guidance of the application enhances navigation experience. The Smart Nav is designed to provide luxury while navigation.

Secure Track

This is personal tracking solution, which can track anyone or anything with a very small tracking gadget. It can monitor the location of an individual, asset or any other body where the gadget is placed. It can screen the individual's location, track footmarks record for his entire day movements and create diverse reports for the individual's activity.

This is a financially savvy answer for the individuals who need to stay informed regarding their family, sales representatives, costly assets, and any worker of the organization who has outdoor operations, this application is exceptionally useful to screen them.


  • Track any person, device, luggage or even small items
  • Show current location of the marked item/person
  • Show footmarks of the marked item/person for the given time
  • Marked person can himself/herself send the alert to server
  • Reports
  • The system can also work using SMS, as SMS are cheap in some countries


This is complete solution for tracking huge number of vehicles with client-server software. It has a multithreaded server for taking care of requests and responses of the GSM gadgets incorporated inside the tracker. The server is created for the tracker administrators and organizations providing tracking services; a huge number of auto trackers can interface with this server. The server response is real-time, it stores the information in the database and it sends affirmation bundles to all the gadgets associated with the server. It also provides reports for the footmarks and over all tracking of the vehicle. It also offers Geo-Fence feature, which allows user to create geographic boundaries to lock the vehicle inside those boundaries.

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